Essential oils and products made with essential oils should be stored in a cool, dark place and be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid premature oxidation and prolong the therapeutic life of the essential oils. 

We do NOT use synthetic preservatives to extend shelf life beyond the actual shelf life of the essential oils and natural ingredients used in our products, so please use purchased items as soon as possible. To get the most therapeutic benefit from the essential oils and products, don't let them sit on a shelf...use them and enjoy their benefits right away.

Our products support healthy vitality both emotionally and physically for people in general good health and who are 10 years of age or older. We do create custom products for children between the ages of 3-10 and for the elderly.  Please go to our Services tab for more information.


Individual consultations are available for people with medical conditions and are using prescribed medications. Please go to our Consultations tab for more information.


We recommend that you consult your doctor before using essential oils or aromatherapy products if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or have a medical condition and are using medical prescriptions. 

Thank you for supporting our small business and for using our all natural, aromatherapy products to help improve your health and vitality.

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