from a dream to reality...       

Paul, owner of his former business, The Bank & Grill Catering Co., has a degree in culinary arts and served the public with artisan, healthy cuisine for over twenty years. Jeanine, formerly a program manager for a rural, regional transit system, has a B/SBA and an MBA and worked in a variety of administration and management positions for over twenty years. After asking themselves the question, "When will we spend more time together if we don't do it now?" Paul and Jeanine decided to develop a business that they could work at together. Their dream? To create  something that would help people's health and vitality. A place where people could find balance and harmony and rejuvenate their well-being.

Jeanine quit her job to pursue an education in aromatherapy and is now a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist. Jeanine is an enrolled member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla Tribes. Growing up, her mother told her stories of a great grandmother who practiced healing using herbs, plants and roots, which is part of the reason she decided to pursue a career that involved aromatherapy. Jeanine's given Indian name is Tsawix'-puu (Sweet Root - people of). Incorporating her given Indian name and the sensational art of essential oils, Sweet Root Sensations was born.

In the process of logo development, the Anasazi sun's ancient healing symbol resonated with the focus of Paul and Jeanine's business development. Some ancient traditions consider the sun to be the first healer of people. The Spiral Sun comes from the Anasazi’s petroglyphs as a symbol of healing. The circular pattern in the symbol stands for the natural movements and rhythms of life and the continuous motion of the universe. It resembles the healing power that is being radiated all around the universe that helps us recover from setbacks and find natural rhythm and harmony in life. Upon sharing the Anasazi sun's symbol and meaning with her two children, Jeanine's daughter drew a logo by hand. It was perfect. A logo was then developed from her daughter's drawing. It combined both the Anasazi symbol and Jeanine's Native American heritage. Natural, therapeutic products made with essential oils to help people find balance and harmony...Sweet Root Sensations.