AromaCare Tribe


Join the Sweet Root Sensations AromaCare Tribe! The cost is $60 per quarter. For the quarterly season, you will receive a 2 oz. Body Butter, a 2 oz. Body Oil, a Deodorant, a Foam Soap, a Lavish Shampoo & Body Bar, and a Lip Balm!


The Body Butter, Body Oil, and Foam Soap will follow the season's oil pick. 

The Deodorant will be: Citrus Crush (Spring), Simply Summer (Summer), Hippie Days (Fall), and Wild & Woodsy (Winter)

The Lavish Shampoo & Body Bar will remain the same in each shipment (Rosemary/Lavender)

The Lip Balms will alternate with Citrus Crush and Citrus Mint.


We will select an oil for each season, so you will enjoy a wonderful variety during our annual seasons!


2019's selection is as follows: Summer (Lavender), Fall (Cedarwood), and Winter (Siberian Fir).


We will ship AromaCare Tribe boxes one week prior to the first day of each season.


Happy Aroma'ing, Tribe! <3

601 N Main St.

Milton-Freewater, OR 97862

(541) 429-3323

Business Hours

Wednesday - Saturday

12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.