Our Aromatherapy SaniSprays are 70% alcohol content, so they can be used as a sanitizing spray. With essential oil(s) included in the recipe, you get the benefits of both sanitization and aromatherapy! If you are going to sanitize, it might as well smell good! As with any product high in alcohol content, it can dry the skin...so we recommend pairing your purchase with some luscious body butter to keep your hands happy and moisturized! Lavender is a skin nourishing essential oil, so that's what I generally use for the SaniSpray; however, if you would prefer a different oil or blend of oils, please see our Essential Oils and Safety tab for a list of essential oil options and then fill in the Custom Text field when placing your order for your spray.

Aromatherapy SaniSpray 4 oz

SKU: SaniSpray01